Type of Corrals

Round Pen

Round Pen can be formed with corral panels and a walk- thru, or an overall.

Heavy Duty Corral Panel

Heavy Duty Corral Panel, 14ga. rail, 20ga. filler, available in green or red.

Heavy Duty Walk-Thru is shown connected to Heavy Duty Corral Panel)

62 inches in height, in 4′ to 20′ lengths, in 2′ segments.

Brace is welded after horizontal bars have been put in place. Stronger and stabilized braces are made by folding edges and bending Z-Shape, corners are rounded.  24 inch loop legs help prevent sinking.

Plated J-hooks

Plated J-hooks connect all Heavy Duty Corrals and Heavy Duty Walk-Thrus.

Economy Corral Panel

Economy Corral Panel, 19ga. rail, 22ga. filler, available in green, red, or galvanized. 62 inches in height, in 4′ to 20′ lengths,

in 2′ segments.

2″ Corral Panel (extra heavy)

Extra Heavy Corral Panels in 16 gauge. 62″ inches in height, in 4′ to 16′ lengths, in 2′ segments.

Our extra heavy corral panels are constructed from 16 gauge 2″ steel. These are made in galvanized or painted either green or red.

This is a non-stock item and must be ordered in advance.

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